RISING ARTISTS - Professional strategy sessions

Find your audience and develop a campaign for your next project.




£120.00 – £450.00 per person




Offered Sat & Sun

About this experience

Looking for an overview of the music industry - from key industry players to campaign Strategy. From finding your audience to Branding.

These sessions have been designed to help you take your music passion to the next level, from bedroom to the stage.

Who is Natasha TL Norman and how can she help?

Natasha has worked with several rising artists at the early stages of their career, giving them knowledge from her background in arts and entertainment as well and marketing. From touring with a performing arts company around Europe to working with artists on music for small to large scale projects. She is also on the Music Writers' committee of the Musician's Union and has managed several music stages/events.

These sessions are designed to help artists find and grow their audience as well as refine their strategies to become a more knowledgable and professional artist,